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                Service and Support




                Pre - sales,  in-sales,  after-sales and full service security system


                At the beginning of sales,  we will have  professional sales engineers  communicate with patience,  know your needs,  and select the solution most suitable for you. We customization for your specific needs.


                 We will provide one-year free warranty for equipment with respect to troubles caused by quality upon the time that the equipment reaches the customers.

                從設備到達客戶的時間起,因非㊣ 機床本身質量原因引起的故障,同樣保證積極配合,進行修復,維護。

                We will also guarantee to cooperate actively for repair and maintenance with respect to troubles not caused by the quality of machine upon the time that the equipment reaches the customers.


                We guarantee life-long supply of spare parts to truly achieve no trouble for purchase of machines.Daweis Customer Service Center is provided with secial maintenance enginerrs to provide service of due arrival and minimize the losses of customers caused by delay in production due to equipment shutdown.


                Whenever you need help and suggusions during use of Daweis products,you are welcomed to call Dawei Service Center,and we will spare no efforts to serve you.

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